Innuendo and out the other

Another example of how something innocent can be twisted in the wrong hands

How can something so innocent be so twisted?

I don’t quite remember how we came up with this series. Something about grabbing melons and cucumbers I bet.

We did a series of 5 of these at the same time, trying to sell them to the radio syndicators, but I don’t believe they were ever picked up. Probably too edgy for back then – now they’re actually quaint. More after the break.

We also did a few videos of ths skits for our ‘BENT!’ show.
I blogged about them earlier here and here,  but we cranked them out with a bunch of things one day at the NECC drama building bathroom, which seemed very apropro for a location.

I know I had fun with these with a ‘Look! We’re being naughty and can get away with it’ type feeling. I don’t remember them getting picked up by anyone, and they’ve been orphaned ever since.

We did a lot of radio bits that somehow morphed into video or other media, depending on which suited them best. To me, this one felt best in video. If I can find some of the raws or earlier incarnations of bits and skits, I’ll include them to show how we came up with things, and how we ended up dropping things or even stealing from ourselves when they just didn’t quite fit.

Is it stealing if it’s from yourself? I’m not sure. Anyway, Enjoy.

Phil- Pat
Tom – Tom, in a stunning self portrait

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