Using Rock as a Weapon

The Rock – 1985

Maine Rocks!

Mr. Slate- we're taking you for granite here.

One of the first batch of commercial bits we did at WHEB-FM was this little sleeper I always had a fondness for. Might have been the slapstick sound of getting hit on the noggin over and over again.

Pat’s doing most of the voices while I play the production hound, and the voice of ‘The Rock’. I believe this one was in the early batch that the syndicators liked and was played  down the network.

It was very satisfying to be able to not only do it for our local station, but actually get paid to have it played elsewhere. Learn to monetize your material early and often!

Announcer – Pat
The guy doing the annoying product placement – Tom

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2 Responses to Using Rock as a Weapon

  1. Scott Mercer says:

    Did Devo get a royalty for the music underneath?

    • boffoyuxdudes says:

      Very good catch! In fact, we never released that one just because of that fact. But for radio syndication purposes, the radio stations were covered by their own ASCAP/BMI licenses. 20 points if you can catch the name of the track we lifted the middle synth solo from.

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