Just Drop it now, Buddy!

Contest drops.

Love the jackets. K-mart specials?

Attempting to look cool outside my mom's house in Syracuse and not succeeding

We used to do these shorties by the hundreds.
Contest Drops, Show Opens, Sponsor Drops.

(22 Contest Drops – they should play in sequence.)

It’s those short little bits that were tagged as a ‘throw away’ liner. They might make you smile, you think, or want to punch us out, but they were gone in a few seconds and you were on to the next piece of the program.

I remember sitting with Pat in a McDonalds across the street from the station, writing on a legal pad while we bounced ideas out for that day’s batch of comedy liners. We’d alternately gesture with our hands and guffaw on a tasteless bit, while the soccer moms would corral there kids and move to the other side of the building. We’d usually get a few pages done before the staff would ‘politely’ ask us to move on because we’d be scaring the children.
Were we oblivious – probably. But we got some good material out of it.

I’ll be posting a bunch of these over the 365, but here’s a burst of Contest drops from 91-92. Enjoy.

BTW – I’m not sure how long I can keep up the volume up on this, but I’d rather go out in a burst of flames.. so I’m attempting to do full genre’s and a large selection of each, and then revisit more in the same formats… except for Speculation Theater – since the release is forthcoming, I’ll be featuring that at least once a week. And as usual, any feedback is appreciated.

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2 Responses to Just Drop it now, Buddy!

  1. JoAnn says:

    “It’s a crappy job, but someone has to do it” had me laughing out loud.

  2. boffoyuxdudes says:

    That’s the beauty of those bits. If they hit, you laugh. If not, you’re on to the next one.

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