I Relish the Thought…

Frank & Al’s Vegetable Boutique.

Scott and I were at WJPZ in Syracuse, doing some overnight production, when this punfest started to take shape. This one was one of the first comedy scripts picked up by the syndicators – they didn’t like our delivery, and ended up voicing them in house. Scott and I wrote at least a dozen or so scripts for Frank & Al in the same vein – lots of bad puns – but they did it with 2 actors , instead of Scott’s dulcimer tones reading it in a singsongy, bland voice.

I still liked Scott’s version better.

Same Skit – Live at the Grog, Newburyport, MA 1987 – Somehow we turned it into a skit with me doing a literal showing of the vegetables, since it was just a list of puns. It’s the only time we tried to do it onstage. Fun in a goofy way. Enjoy.

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6 Responses to I Relish the Thought…

  1. Scott Mercer says:

    Honestly, I think I was brazenly ripping off a bunch of SCTV skits, including the “Tex and Edna Boil” sketches, “Al Peck’s Used Fruit” and “Harry The Guy With A Snake on His Face,” plus assorted other immigrant store owner/pitch men I had heard over the years.

    I think the “Willy the stuffed muskrat” line was a combination of a line from Edna Boil and my experience visiting Wall Drug Store in South Dakota, where I seem to recall they had a fake six foot stuffed jackalope (standing on its hind legs!) you could take a picture of with your kids.

    Throw in a bunch of painful puns and just a pinch of literary references (Monty Python m.o. at work there, kids) with the Edgar Allen Poe stuff, and that is our kind of humor.

    • boffoyuxdudes says:

      Hard to believe, I haven’t seen many SCTV skits. Loved the actors, but wasn’t a fanatic – I did catch some of the half hour shows, but the late night versions I missed.

      I think The Poe lines were MFM. That and the ‘Old Mc Donald’ line took it to a totally odd level. Made you laugh, but was far enough ahead of you where you were wondering – ‘Where the hell is this going?’ Me Likey lots.

  2. Scott Mercer says:

    Also, the subtle joke was that it was “Frank and Al’s” but you NEVER heard Al, only Frank. (Al must have been the money man, while Frank was the public face of the enterprise and the Pitch Man.)

    When the syndicators redid it, they used TWO guys saying “I am Frank” and “I am Al” in Borscht Belt accents.

    Ah well. Comedy is so subjective. (And yes, this was created a couple years before I met Al Morgan or Frank DiMuzio.)

    • boffoyuxdudes says:

      Having 2 people do the spot brought it to more like a furniture commercial than a comedy bit. I liked the 1 person – one Svengali version myself.

      It also was one of those where we’d write the scripts but never actually cut the bit until months later. I remember you sitting down and voicing a dozen of them at a whack when we tried to catch up. I’ll find the reels and post the Frank and Al ‘collection’. Must be a dozen or two of them at least.

  3. Slarry says:

    Man, now I wish we’d gotten around to “Wild Wayne’s Health Food Store,” an already pun-laden script from Al that I later reworked into a segment where Chef Geufé walks in and kills WW in an amazing cable TV FX explosion. “What are you wheating for? Oats about time you come to Wild Wayne’s health food store. Come on baby, light my fiber.”

  4. boffoyuxdudes says:

    Ouch! I chafe at the thought, stalker.

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