King Me

The King and the Dj – Elvis interactive

I love me some burgers!

The King displays his prize

I love Pat’s version of Elvis. He’s found the right mix of humor, self depreciation and  prankster in the voice. One of the fun things we used to make were ‘Elvis Interactives’ – Elvis would call up the DJ and generally harass and avoid doing whatever he was supposed to be doing. We had a lot of fun doing these – literally hundreds of Elvis in the Traffic Copter, Farm Reports, Weather – you name it, The King called from out there with a report about it, or about whatever he wanted to talk about. He sure didn’t talk about what the DJ wanted to hear.

I think my favorites were the ones where he pulled out his firearms and shot at the competing traffic chopper – and the one where he thought he saw a sniper on the water tower, but it turned out he was painting it.  I’ll pull out a bunch of these in the coming months… they still make me smile.

Oh, and Abby wanted me to say hi.  Hi Abby! You have 6 tests tomorrow. Go to bed!


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