Ant-man will make you cry uncle!

The Ballad of Henry Pym –

UUTV studios - Watson Theater - Syracuse University

We all looked much younger in 1987

I asked my musical partner in crime, Allan Morgan, to comment on our first song entry for the SpinTunes contest we did way back in June – his take on the song, then me – After the break

Al –

When Tom brought the Hank Pym idea & initial lyrics to the table, it struck me that this deserved a kind of 60’s-cheesy-cartoon-theme show vibe a la the original Spiderman/Marvel Superheroes ‘toons.  It was really fun to put together on my end; the chorus bass line just popped into my head and everything else kind of built up around it when we were bouncing ideas back and forth.  As usual it seems, it came down to getting everything together within 24-48 hours, which usually leads to either inspired genius or utter crap, often both within the same song. Averaging it out, this seemed to come out on the higher end of the scale.  Maybe we need to do more songs with synthesized horns.

Tom –

I was trying to think of a superhero to fit the challenge, and I remembered Ant-Man as kinda a second rate one – he was a member of the Avengers, but never got the respect or kudos the others did. And the more I researched him, the more I wanted to do something on him. Hank’s one messed up guy! I wished we could go further into his history and later redemption, but we just didn’t have the time, so he ended up as basically a megalomaniac wife beating jerk who likes insects and robots better than people. He does get better later in the story – but we ran out of time.

Some interesting tidbits – This song failed on a bunch of levels. It was submitted late because of an ill timed power outage that hit Chicagoland – and even if it was on time, because of my glossing over of the challenge, it wasn’t written in the first person, a requirement – so it would have been disqualified. So began our illustrious ‘shadowing’ on the first 2 spintunes contests.

Actually, of the 8 rounds, we’ve only had one official entry, which was voted off the island immediately. Between all our songs in ‘Masters of Song Fu‘ and SpinTunes, I do believe we’ve come in dead last or close to it with EVERY entry! It hasn’t stopped us from putting in some fun stuff though.

I was also going stir crazy in August while recovering from shoulder surgery, so I revisited the song, and did a video about it with the help of Bully, the Little Stuffed Bull who has a great comics blog here. Bully and my friend John did most of the scanning, and also helped us refine the lyrics to make sure it was true to the Hank Pym ethos. (thanks, guys)

So I spent a week tweaking scans and pictures in Premiere Pro, and posted a video on You Tube, which got some play on a few blogs and a shootout by the current people working on the Hank Pym stories for Marvel. I’m hoping he’ll show in the new Avengers movie coming out in a few years.

Here’s the video for the song. Enjoy.

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