…so you want to do old time radio?

Hi Beams – 1982

Larry and Dave enjoy the mattresses around my pool table

A bunch of us at Syracuse had a love of the old time radio theater. CBS Radio Mystery Theater comes to mind for me, and well as a lot of the old style drama and comedies of the golden age. So it wasn’t surprising when the TV comedy crew got together and wrote a radio script, which we cut in the studio one cold evening. It was a little strange performing with all the mics, but no cameras on.

Our pal Dave Levin was doing the overnight at WAER-FM, and offered to play our debut on his late night shift. I think we neglected to tell him to use cut 7 of the tape, so we had a few false starts and outtakes, but I remember it being very cool to hear your material play back over the radio with the group of people you created it with.

We ended up moving production to the WAER studios after that, and wrote 2 – 5 minute segments a week, dividing writing duties among ourselves in between trying to do all our side projects. Paul and Brad had the Houston Fearless Comic Strip, We all were writing for Newswatch, I was doing things for Report Magazine, and everyone still had classes to deal with.

We managed to keep the series up for a year or so, until the university, in a cruel twist of fate, locked the doors on the radio station and fired all the student workers so they could create a Jazz NPR format station. But that’s another post.

Here’s the first in a series of radio plays by Purely Coincidental. Enjoy!

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