I used to be a splicing fool.

Montages – WJPZ – 1985

Love the nerf ball as a mic windscreen!

Tom and Dave at the WJPZ Studios - 1985

I had a shift on the 100 milliwatt AM WJPZ station in ’83. My friend Dave Walzer, who was doing Newswatch and Purely Coincidental dragged me up to the 3rd floor of the Spectrum building to the ‘station’. It was an attic with a pay phone outside it. There was no power – they ran an extension cord outside the window to the 2nd floor to get power for the turntables. And half the time it was either not on the air, or running so hot you could hear the signal illegally in the whole city

I loved the place on the spot.

It also was on cable TV. Not just any cable tv channel – it was a BLANK channel that covered the whole city. Over 80 people volunteered to do shifts on that blank TV a week. Hundreds of people called in requests all hours of the day. All in this soon to be torn down shack of a building on the 3rd floor.

Fast forward 2 years later – funded, alumni supported, and hard to believe University tolerated, the station gets a 5000 watt license for FM, and we start broadcasting an alternate Top 40 format on the air. Since I’ve been around for a while, I’m one of the producers of the new morning show, with 8 DJs, a few dozen news, sports, and features reporters, and a blank slate. So what to do?

Produce your heart out. Scott and I lived in the production room for weeks, doing bits, bumpers, ids, etc, all the backend support for the show which ended up causing a bit of a ruckus when we kept trouncing the ‘big boys’ in the ratings books.

I’m trying to make it to the WJPZ banquet this spring, and was lifting archive stuff from the reels – here’s some of the liners and segments from the first few months on the air. Enjoy.

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8 Responses to I used to be a splicing fool.

  1. Scott Mercer says:

    Yeah, stay up almost till dawn, cutting and splicing recording tape by hand, then it’s off to Denny’s for a Grand Slam Breakfast. Be sure to bring a spiral notebook and a pen in case any great jolts of inspiration strike us while we’re inhaling pancakes and link sausages.

    Many of those musical cuts from the montages came from vinyl record albums that I owned (and Tom owned).

    Hey, if anyone can name where ALL the cuts come from in any of the montages, I’ll send you a prize. Nothing big, a sealed DVD of my choice from my collection. The “Morning” montage is probably the easiest one. Get guessing!

    Good times, good times.

    • boffoyuxdudes says:

      I Loved that Denny’s. We wrote a lot of good stuff in there. I remember wanting to host a ‘Newswatch Marathon’ from there, and roll in segments that kept showing the growing amount of plates on the table as we went played the shows for 24 hours.

      If someone is up to the challenge, two of the ‘harder to find’ cuts in the morning montage are from Al Jolson and Blotto. That’s your tip. Go for it.

  2. Scott Mercer says:

    I take it back. The “Hello” montage is probably the easiest one.

  3. Julie Arvedon says:

    Is this the Dave Walzer who now lives in the Boston area?

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