Hercule Poirot: Trapped in his own mind

One Little Indians

She's thinking - 'Where's this Guy's Neck'?

When is the last time you went roller skating with a full suit and tie?

I think this started because Pat was doing a play at the local theater. We got to thinking about one man plays, and what would work BYD style. Star Trek was already done. so we settled on an Agatha Christie type homage on Cape Fear. This is what eventually came out – including the bad puns.

Pat did this once live on stage at the Grog, which was an interesting completing of the circle.

Odd thing about the skits we did at the time – since we were working in radio and TV, we could let them ‘breathe’ and see what worked best for them. Some just translated well if we put visuals to them, like Luigi’s. Others fell flat if they didn’t have the imagination of the audience, like the one time we tried ‘Steamroller’ on stage and it crashed and burned.


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5 Responses to Hercule Poirot: Trapped in his own mind

  1. JoAnn says:

    A concrete alibi…groans ensue

  2. Scott Mercer says:

    A few years ago, I recited this entirely from memory at the audition for a TV show.

    I did not get the callback.

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