A man and a zombie had a little baby

3 is an Evil Number

Our first creation by Al and Tom for ‘Master’s of Song Fu’, 2009

Eliza and Brian point out the obvious

The Devil is in the Details...

[This is a bit of a rude heavy metal tune after the first verse. You might want to turn it down]

I have to say, this journey started with a youngster named Mike Lombardo. He followed me on twitter, and I liked his music, so I bought it. That caused a series of connections that got BYD involved in the TMA community, DFTBA folks, and ultimately meeting dozens of artist and vbloggers we now call friends.

But it all started with Mike, and Song Fu. More after the break.

I saw Mike was entered into round 4 and was curious about all the contestants, and checked them out. When round 5 came up for sign ups, I jumped at it. ‘Song Fu’ was kinda like the ‘Iron Chef’ of songwriting. You all had to complete challenges, with the ultimate winner going head to head agains a more known internet artist, like Jonathan Coulton, Paul and Storm, or Neil Innes. It sounded like fun to mix it up with these people.

Ken never got my sign up, and I was annoyed and depressed. So I said, Screw it. I can write a song and still submit it as a shadow entry. It wouldn’t be judged, but it’d be a part of the fun.

That’s where the wheels came off the wagon.

I had a computer, but no real studio. I’m also far from musically talented. I can fake it on a piano or guitar, but as far as music theory and sheet music, I’m in the stone ages. I play by ear what sounds good, and roll with it. Tempo? Meter? Nah. If it sounded good, it was good enough.

The second challenge was to write about a number. I had a cute idea to take a Schoolhouse Rock song and turn it into something Demonic. After a few verses, I realized I was in way over my head. I can write, but I didn’t have the chops to do the music side. That wouldn’t fly with this group. They actually were musicians. Not a faux strummer like myself

So I emailed Al.

Allan Morgan was one of the founders of ‘Null and Void’, one of the longest running comedy shows at Syracuse University – I think it made it over 20 years on the networks. The other founder – Scott, was a founding member of BYD. Al is a funny guy, and also in the band ‘Pop Machine’. I was impressed he had finished his 365 Music Blog a few years ago, and this 365 Comedy experiment is based on it.

We kept in touch over the years. I always wanted to do stuff with Al, but it never timed out. I had many friends like that. We wanted to do material and projects, but time and distance kept things from happening. I decided to change that. I told Al my predicament.

Al was excited to work on this ‘Song Fu’ thing. We hashed out the song over Skype chat, bouncing ideas and verses over a few days until it came together. He’d send me a track, we’d tweak it, and do another version. Eventually we ended up with the finished product above.

It was the start of some fun times – Banana Phone is now our 13th song in the last year. Enjoy!

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