Nah, Joey, she’s probably doing something on her back…

Woman Talk Wednesdays.

Husbands Who Aren’t Romantic Any More

Hey! Take that Back!

Bill, Joe and Eddie help out women with their issues. Who's issues is debatable.

I always loved these guys. Here’s some background on the video series.

Helping us out in the role of Eddie is WHEB-FM air personality Greg Kretschmar.

We Heart Greg. Lots. He’s been a friend for a long time, and helped us out on tons of BYD bits. We aired these weekly on Greg’s show and after doing a bunch of these for his station and the Syndicators, we decided to do a better version, as opposed to us sitting at the picnic table in back of the Radio station.  So we trundled down and spent a day cutting a bunch of them with a teleprompter in a real studio in Needham, MA.

Since it’s now Woman Talk Wednesday, I’ll try and add videos where appropriate.  Like this one we ad libbed a bit from the original radio version. Enjoy!

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