BYD on Dr. Demento: You can’t do anything with a 2 inch banana!

Celebrity Chefs with the King.
On the Dr. Demento show 9/11/1988

"The 'b' is silent. Just like the 'd' in 'Gracelan"

We love Elvis. We’ve done hundreds of bits, skits, and interactive with him. Here we had E. as a guest on a cooking show. Fun ensues.

A few fun notes. I used Jeff Ogden’s name as the host because I liked the way it rolled off the tongue – He was a DJ at WHEB – fun guy, but had moved on, and we never told him we put it in the skit. When it was on Dr. D, people kept telling him they liked him on the show. Totally confused him for years. Hi Jeff!

We did this skit twice live – once at ROCK107 with Daniels & Webster for a live morning show, and at the BYD & Friends show at Syracuse. It never made it into any of the video shows, so here’s a rare clip. Enjoy!

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