SpinTunes 3: Round 4 Song – ‘Car’

Al pulled this one out of his subconcious from a retro Future… Love it.

Honey, Get That Junk Outta The Trunk!

It was 1952
Five thousand years ago
A met a girl, she had a car
On a drive we did go

There was a monkey at the wheel
And a razor in my brain
I took control and drove off the road
In the pouring rain



Slippy slippy slippery went the tones on my tail
She cried and laughed and tumbling we went
Another crack from you and you’ll end up in jail
And I won’t have the cash to pay the rent

Deterministic random faces accuse me as I walk
Without you though I’m carrying your head
The grass grows round the car crash from so many years ago
You’re lucky I didn’t wind up dead

I miss you my co-pilot when you’re not there
Which is often meaning everytime I wake
I’m a bit confused about the purpose that you wear
If I weren’t crazy that’s all I could take

Look upon my windshield mortals tremble as I break
The windows rusting grass upon the wheels
The energy you shed will quickly run into the night
I think I understand just how you feeled

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