SpinTunes 3: Round 4 Song – My First Car

John Wall from Osmium helps out BYD with this song about your original automobile.

Don't put the Bronto Ribs on the side! Don't Do It!

Borrowing mom’s car totally blew
It really sucked on ice
But if you wanna be cool
You gotta pay the price

A friend of a friend of a guy I know
Had a car to sell
I had some extra cash to blow
So I said what the hell

My first car was a thrill
It even looked good sitting still
But on the road it was a joke
It filled the county with blue smoke
So I spent all I had
Then it didn’t look too bad
Then I went and spent some more
Now I just can’t be ignored

It used to be a four door
But now I only got two
The hood was red, the tail was white
And both the doors were blue

The steering kept pulling to the left
And boy it really sucked
It had the power of a Yugo
And the handling of a truck


You can hear my bass for miles
I ain’t got no treble
I got it riding so low
I can feel every pebble

I jacked it up and I chopped it down
Now it’s a mean machine
Now you just sit back and listen
To my tires scream


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