SpinTunes 3: Round 4 Song – (Lay Around The) Caddy

Al, Tom and Scott connect with podcaster Dan Klass’s harmonica to do this laid back ode to shantytown in a car.

A Fixer Upper.

(Lay Around the) Caddy

Well, I just got back from chooglin’
Down Mississippi way
And the boss man won’t get hold of me
If I got somethin’ to say

I’m-a livin’ in my Caddy
My good ol’ Detroit wheels
I got what I need and what I don’t have
I can beg, borrow or steal

Lay around the Caddy, boy, kickin’ up my feet
I’m fishin’ out the back window if I need sumpin’ t’eat
Snoozin’ in the front seat, keep my banjo in a tree
‘Cause the back seat’s for my baby and me

I’m livin’ up the good life
Got everything I need
the 9 to 5 is far behind
with avarice and greed

I just need my baby
and then we’re good to go
We don’t need no engine
to watch the river flow.

So climb on in here mama,
We’ll have a real good time
The beers are in the cooler
And catfish on the line

And when the full moon rises
We’ll bed down for the night
Left to our own devices
The stars our bedside light

Just you and me all cozy
In our rusted iron bed
We’ll have no need to mosy
Where the noise just hurts your head

It may not get up to speed
But baby, apart from you,
My Caddy’s all I need
This Caddy is just big enough for two

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