BYD365: Barkeep – 3 chairs for this table – Hip, Hip Hooray!

Gunfight at the OK Corral Parts 1 & 2 – Purely Coincidental
Set the Wayback machine for 1982, Sherman!

an early UUTV production

Paul Snead telling people what to do. (In a good way)

Way back then, a bunch of us who thought we were funny, hopped on the morning radio bandwagon and created his comedy homage to old time radio we called ‘Purely Coincidental’

Later we wrote and took over other empires, but in early ’82, we pretty much had our tentacles in all the media on the Syracuse University campus.

PC was our excuse to cut loose and fool around on the radio twice a week. We rotating writing duties and people from our TV comedy show, so it became a fun way to blow off steam from the weekly live to tape video show.

Lots of puns, oddball characters, and it was pre-taped, so we could listen at home when we got up in the morning. What’s not to like?  Enjoy.

‘Gunfight – Part 1 & 2’  Written by Paul Snead. Featuring Brad Lowry, Paul Snead, Tom Giarrosso, Dave Walzer, Larry Cook, and Bob Cullinan. Engineered by Mike Shore

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