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Alfred always had the best Vacation ideas…

Alfred’s Vacation Tips Alfred has more words of wisdom – In honor of his birthday, here’s 4 nuggets for you to peruse. Enjoy! Advertisements

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Who’s Doing Who? Whose saying Who’s Doing Who? And Who’s Gonna Get it Done To Them?

Office Tips Tuesday ‘Men’s Room’ Office Tips was inspired by all the sales weasels we had to deal with in our day. A few were stand up people. A few were total dicks. We based Ted on some of the … Continue reading

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I Relish the Thought…

Frank & Al’s Vegetable Boutique. Scott and I were at WJPZ in Syracuse, doing some overnight production, when this punfest started to take shape. This one was one of the first comedy scripts picked up by the syndicators – they … Continue reading

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…walkin down the street….

Frigid Woman One day we were in ProLab Studios working on a few bits, when I mentioned to EJ we were working on a Roy Orbison parody, but didn’t have the music for it. He plunked himself down on the … Continue reading

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When it’s dumb to do smart jokes

Phrazology One thing we learned while doing bits for the syndicates. You need to create a format, or you’re dead meat. It’s hard to come up with a great format, but once you do, it’s much easier to explore in … Continue reading

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Innuendo and out the other

I don’t quite remember how we came up with this series. Something about grabbing melons and cucumbers I bet. We did a series of 5 of these at the same time, trying to sell them to the radio syndicators, but … Continue reading

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and so it begins…

I’ve been threatening to create a ‘bit a day for a year’ site using Boffo Yux Dudes and other materials from the archives, and since it’s a new year, I thought I’d give it a shot and see how it … Continue reading

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